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Pastor's Welcome 

Welcome to the First Southern Family,

We want to welcome you to a vibrant spiritual community that knows what it means to be forgiven.  That experience leads us to be a forgiving community to each other and to those we come in contact with daily.  Of course forgiveness does not negate our continuing responsibility to be committed  to our Biblical heritage.  We have found that true happiness comes from our obedience to our Christian principles.  Every day we experience the challenges of modern living.  We have to pay our bills, raise our kids, get along with coworkers and neighbors and deal with the little frustrations of life.  In all of this we believe that God has a plan for each one.  We are on a mission to discover and participate in that plan.  We seek to be a community of faith founded on the sacrifices of Christ to all who come our way.

In Christian love,
Rev.  Carl "Bucky" Hitchcock